Benefits From Your Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Shades
March 11, 2018

Benefits From Your Motorized Window Treatments

Let’s face it, technology is a major part of our everyday life.  From smart televisions, appliances and even a complete home, our lives are conveniently automated.  By using Somfy motors, you can easily integrate your home automatic systems to synchronize your blinds and draperies to work in perfect unison with your lights, thermostat and home theater.


Some of the benefits derived from motorized window treatments are:

  • Convenience – Skylights and hard to reach windows are easily accessed with the push of a button.  With one stroke you can control every shade in the room simultaneously.
  • Increased privacy – Hitting a single switch will automatically lower your blinds before entering a bathroom or bedroom, protecting you and your loved ones from prying eyes.
  • Going green – NetZero is the concept where a building (including a home) can produce as much energy as it uses (calculated over the course of a year).  With the use of solar power; appropriate insulation, and automated shades, awnings and shutters, you have the ability to extend your energy savings beyond traditional methods.
  • Increased value – Ecologically advantageous improvements in ones home will increase its resale value.  Installing motorized window treatments will make your life easier and make your home more valuable when it is time to sell.
  • Just plain fun – There should always be time for a little fun in ones life.  Motorized curtains, shades, blinds and awnings can provide that little jolt for the day.
  • Wake up to daylight – Set your bedroom shade to open and start your day with a view of nature.
  • Protection – Motorization equates to no cords for pets or children to explore and potentially get hurt with.  Automatic closures also helps protect your furniture, upholstery, art, etc. from sun damage.
  • Simulate a home presence – Home automation systems provide the appearance of occupancy whether you are there or not.  So if you are prone to long hours at the office, travel frequently, or just want the convenience, this is the system for you.
  • Get your partner excited about redecorating – One person gets to research fabrics and styles and the other looks at technologic options.  Put them both together and you have a fun, cooperative project.
  • Don’t worry about the weather – Your shades are independent of what is going on outside.  A sun sensor in your blinds means they will automatically raise or lower to manage the heat gain or loss.
  • Create an ambiance – With the simple press of a button, your windows will create the atmosphere you are seeking, whether romantic or playful or just fun.
  • A living room becomes a home theater – With a single stroke you can close your blinds, start the entertainment and mute the lights.  Then just sit back and enjoy!

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