Benefits From Your Motorized Window Treatments
March 11, 2018
March 11, 2018

Motorized Shades

With continued advances in smart home technology, access becomes more affordable.  That includes motorized shades and blinds in the home environment.

  • Drapery tracks (your typical paneled draperies that roll from left to right across a window)
  • Solar Shades (roller shades that come down from a window frame)
  • Blackout Shades (pretty much the same thing, but are used to keep as much light out of the room as possible)
  • Skylight Shades, even shades for tricky situations that ascend from the bottom instead of descend from the top


Gone are the days of a loud whir of a jerky motor.  Now we can experience smooth, quiet operation.

  • Battery operated – This is a very affordable option since it will not require electrical wiring.  It is also an excellent choice for retrofits.  As an example, Lutron offers a line of Serena shades that can operate for up to three years before the battery will need replacement.  This manufacturer offers honeycomb and roller styles with a myriad of colors and four levels of opaqueness.  These remotes can also allow control of multiple shades in unison.
  • Wired – This system requires a separate electrical line to each shade and they all connect into a central control system.
  • Wireless – In this case the motor connects to a controller through a wireless network.


Using automatic shades or integrating them into your existing home system, allows for greater utility of the home operation.  The timers can be set to adjust based on temperature, time of day, or even position of the sun.  Manufacturers have developed sun position sensors mounted on the roof to adjust the blinds to close.  Direct sunlight can damage furniture, fabrics and artwork, as well as impacting heating and cooling costs.  In the master suite, as the alarm clock sounds, your shades will open to the designated position.  A programmable security feature is available.  When you leave, simply press a single button that will lock the doors and lower shades on the street level.

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