Condo Blinds

Ottawa Blinds Services

With the increased popularity of condominiums, blinds specific to this type of housing have answered the call.  Blinds Ottawa has the best selection in the area and we can fit your needs and desires.

With the collection at our disposal you will need time to peruse the variety of fabrics, colours, patterns, textures.  Our products have excellent UV protection but won’t spoil your view of the outdoors.  A combination of form and function, current technology allows us to offer you a sleek design with user friendly operation.


There are options other than roller or screen shades:

  • Silhouette
  • Lumineet
  • Duette
  • Vignette

We can assist you in our showroom or are happy to come to the comfort of your condo home.

Blinds Ottawa provides high quality blinds services in the Ottawa area

Check out our products at this website or feel free to call us at (613) 319-8423 or email us at to book a complimentary consultation. It is our desire to bring your home or business the beauty and function you, and it, deserves.