Shadow Magic

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For the most sophisticated client, the custom designed Shadow Magic Horizontal Shadings combines softness, sheerness and functional control.  Its center vane can be adjusted for the perfect blend of light and privacy.  Suitable for any décor, this design is a must have.

  • Seamless
  • Colors range from soft neutrals to dark, bold hues
Ultimate Collection

Shadow Magic Gallery

  • Front coloured sheer with intensified hue
  • Light filtering or room darkening
  • Anti-static, dust and stain resistant
  • Aluminum headrail serves as a self valance.
  • When fully raised, the shade disappears into the headrail
  • Optional fabric-covered headrail
  • Hi-Rise Continuous Cord Loop System stops the shade exactly where you want it.
  • Cord tensioner keeps cords away from tiny fingers
  • Universal snap-in brackets
  • Maximized view with 99% UV protection when closed and up to 88% UV protection when tilted.
  • Environmentally friendly

Regular dusting or occasional low-suction vacuuming will take care of these blinds.  An option would be to use a hair dryer on its cool temperature setting.  Be careful to avoid wrinkling the fabric.

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