Somfy Motorized Blinds

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Through a programmable motorized blinds from Somfy, you have the ultimate in decadence with window treatments that rise and close at specified times in the day.  This is a critical factor if you travel extensively or work long into the evening or night, so that your home will appear to be occupied even when you are away.

PowerView motorized blinds have many features to accommodate your needs and lifestyle.  No annoying cords or chains, your life becomes simpler and more enjoyable.  Our experts are able to explain and discuss how this system can be operated through a mobile application and Pebble remote control.

The remote allows for six different settings to create the exact mood for your next event or just a casual evening at home.  The control can be mounted on a wall to avoid searching for yet another device.  They are available in white, clear white, black, red, green, blue, and gray.

Perfect for skylights and overly high placed windows, media rooms, lofts, etc.  Battery powered means a simple fix without the necessity to call a technician.  If the problem does need a technician, rest assured that Blinds Ottawa has the ability to dispatch an expert to resolve your problem.

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