Blinds Ottawa backs your purchase with the best limited lifetime warranties in the industry.  We provide blinds from many suppliers… inquire about the warranties related to the blinds that you have purchased from us.

We can arrange for our blinds installers to come to your home or business to remove the damaged units, repair them on-site or back at our facility or to reinstall them.

If the store from which you originally purchased the blinds is no longer in business, no problem.  We are happy to assist you with any repair needs.  Contact us today to discuss your issues and our suggested resolutions.

Please make sure to provide photos of the problem. You can attach the photos on our inquiry form on the CONTACT PAGE. Once we know if we can repair your blinds or shutters, we can arrange an appointment to repair them. If we cannot repair your Ottawa blinds or shutters, we may be able to provide al alternative solution to replace them.