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Detectible only by touch, faux wood is a practical alternative for any room and are impervious to heat and humidity.  With many colours to choose from, benefits include:

  • Polymer and PVC engineered provide all the warmth and luxury of real wood.
  • Slats resist fading, warping and cracking.
  • Low profile head rail available for strength in large blinds to prevent bowing.
  • Trapezoid bottom for a tight closure.
  • Contoured valance and clips.
  • Omega cord lock system for easy lifting and lowering.
  • Optional designer series and cotton tapes on certain models.
  • Break away cord tassels for safety.

Maintenance is simply dusting with a soft clean cloth.  Vacuuming with the brush attachment is also an option.  For best results, first tilt slats up and then down but not closed.  This will reach the entire surface of the slat.

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